We, as VehGro B.V., have seen it as our task since the foundation of our company to supply a particularly extensive range with as many as 2000 different high-quality biological ingredients for your dishes and mixes. The range of products extends from powders and granulates to nuts, beans and grains. The target groups we want to reach are catering companies, producers, resellers and retailers.

Product selection

The purchasing department of VehGro always checks all the products that are in our range and makes sure that our high quality requirements and the requirements of the market are met by the products. This way, we guarantee high quality products and offer the customer security.

Certified BIO products

The majority of our range consists of certified organic products, which must be recertified each time. We do this out of conviction and this is what we stand for since day one. So if you see a product on our homepage that says "organic", you can be sure that this product is certified as being one hundred percent organic.

In order to provide our customers with products with their natural taste, we require that they are free of artificial odors, flavors and preservatives.

Would you like to know what our range consists of?

Check out this page for a range overview.

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