" Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. "

- Jim Rohn -

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According to a report by the US senate, approx. 65% of all diseases can be traced back to the food we eat on a daily basis.

An article by the American medical association published in June 2002 states that nutritional deficiencies are the main cause for all sorts of chronical diseases in the Western world. These deficiencies can also cause an accelerated ageing process, energy shortfalls, depression, a weak immune system, stress, migraine and other (Western) malaises and complaints. 

These above mentioned facts urge us to continously offer healthy products to our customers.

VehGro imports and exports products within Europe, which are then distributed through our distribution sites.

We bestow great care on the selection of our products. In this context we make sure that they are produced without any synthetic fragrences, synthetic flavoring substances or preservatives. The products we choose have to match a healthy and conscious diet.

VehGro is furthermore the exlusive distributor for a couple of producers of natural food and care products. Our distribution chapter will supply you with more information.

Below you find product categories that you can select from:

Many products are vegetarian, organic, kosher and halal. We would love to supply you with product details on request.

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