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Celtic Seasalt

Celtic sea salt is produced manually (by paludiers – salt producers) in the salines of Guérande, a region of the Bretagne, France. Celtic sea salt is available in different variations:

  • unground, coarse salt (humid ‚sel gris‘), also known as coarse sea salt (‚gros sel marin‘);
  • ground coarse celtic sea salt (humid)
  • ground, dried and sifted (1,5 mm) celtic sea salt;
  • celtic white table salt, also known as flower of salt (‘fleur de sel’).

All variants of the celtic sea salt are especially rich in micronutrients and minerals. This ensures a rich and complex flavor that develops a hint of sweetness and some bitter nuances aside from the salt taste. Of all the salts available, the celtic variant has the lowest level of sodium chloride. It is further known for being the ‘mildest’ and ‘taste friendliest’ salt of the world, due to the approx. two thousand year old salt production process. 

The different variants of the celtic sea salt are available in:

  • paper pags of 100 grams with window;
  • block bottom bags of 250 gramms (Fleur de Sel);
  • PE-bags of 1 kilo;
  • PE-bags of 5 kilo;
  • Bags 25 kilo.

 Celtic sea salt is also avaiable in bulk (32 bags of 25 kilo per pallet).

 Bulk prices available on request.

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