" You might indeed compare health with luck, if it does not bother you, it is there. "

- Iwan Toergenjew -

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Why natural sweeteners?

The world wide sugar consumption has increased enormously in the last decades; an immoderate consumptiom of sugar can cause overweight. Being overweight (obese) on the other hand increases the chances of lifetime diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart and vascular diseases. Sugar is often consumed unknowingly, especially as it is more and more often processed in less obvious products such as soups, cold meat, sauces, ready-to-eat-meals etc. Another health aspect is tooth decay.

Due to these health related reasons, the demand for sugar free products is growing. Diseases such as diabetes, obesity, candidiasis and the physical complaints that come with these diseases motivate customers to look for such products which sometimes become a necessity to some people. In addition to that, more and more people decide to follow a healthy conscious and sugar free diet (including liquid intake). To meet this growing customer group’s needs, Vehgro has expanded its product range with various sugar free products.

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